Stockman Group Research

Research in the Stockman Group can be catagorised into three main themes:

Synthetic Strategies

  1. Combining Two-Directional Synthesis and Tandem Reactions

  2. Desymmetrisation Using Tandem Reactions

  3. Tandem Reactions as a Tool for Diversity Oriented Synthesis

The Total Synthesis of Natural Products

  1. Perhydrohistrionicotoxin

  2. Histrionicotoxin

  3. Hippodamine

  4. Anatoxin A

  5. Alkaloid 223B

  6. Halichlorine and Pinnaic Acid

New Synthetic Methods

  1. The Direct Synthesis of Aziridines

  2. A New Synthesis of Dioxarispiroketals

  3. The Discovery of New Reactions

  4. Multicomponent Reactions

Research Sponsors

Current research is funded by EPSRC, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, The Leverhulme Trust, AstraZeneca, University of Nottingham and NSF.

Research Facilities

Our labs are equipped with excellent facilities for organic chemistry research. Please follow this link for more information and photographs.